Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Education in Sweden and Finland

After learning about education in Sweden and Finland, two things stuck in my mind more than anything else: the ideas of education going side by side with nature and getting kids to want to learn. Based on the results in these school systems, I think these two ideas are clearly fantastic. I wish I had the opportunity to grow up in a school like that. I definitely agree that spending even minimal time outdoors reduces stress levels and increases respect for nature. After growing up experiencing nature everyday, I think most people would feel way more compelled to act in every way possible to conserve it.
As far as wanting to learn goes, I know for a fact that I would much rather be watching tv (as sad as that sounds) or at recess than doing multiplication tables when I was little. Taking the emphasis off of grades, and ensuring every teacher is properly prepared to teach children is certainly the right way to go. I think every school system should seriously consider switching to a similar format.

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