Sunday, September 25, 2011

Carl Linnaeus

I also really enjoyed this lecture. Carl Linnaeus was someone who I had learned about in Biology last year, but we did not go into great depth in covering his accomplishments and achievements. I recognized the name and the face on the money from living in Sweden, but was unaware of everything that he had done. It was really neat to learn about his travels and discoveries and the pictures that Sarah had to accompany the lecture made me want to go and hike in Scandinavia.

Having spent half of my childhood in Sweden, and half in the United States it is always really interesting and fun for me to compare the two cultures. One of the things that I miss the most about Sweden and definitely one of the biggest differences and culture shocks upon returning to the U.S. is the amount of time I spent outside in Sweden. We would play outside, rain or shine. In my three years of school there I can not remember a time when they had us stay inside for recess. The whole culture is based around spending time outdoors, we would eat outside and have picnics outside and go on walks with the whole family, or with family friends. We would spend the day in the park, or outside by the water. During school hours we would go on nature hikes a couple times a months and in the winter, we would go cross country skiing one a week. The thing I miss the most about Sweden is probably the emphasis that is placed on nature and the outdoors.

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