Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Education in Scandinavia

I found learning about education in Sweden and Finland and last week extremely interesting. I was amazed to learn how different the education systems are from what I grew up with in the US. I am jealous of the children who get to go to preschool outdoors. It sounds like a great experience.

I found myself questioning though, what it would be like to be a more advanced student in that kind of eduation system. It seems to me that this would cause a great deal of "slacking" on the part of the brightest children. The system seems to lack the push that is somewhat essential for bright minds to thrive and grow.

I thought it was particularly interesting that Swedish students are some of the most rowdy students in the world. It is interesting that the teachers there, especially in early education, have the patience to teach with that kind of dynamic. As I consider my own school experience, I wonder what I would have turned out like had I been able to freely go about questioning my teacher's thought process. I think I would probably be a very different person and perhaps would not have developed the drive to be able to go to school at U of M.

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