Thursday, September 22, 2011

Those Finns!

I first heard about the education in Scandinavia while on a bus in China. My friend explained to me that he had taken this ScandCiv class and loved it. The conversation went on to discuss education, civic, business, etc. It was truly a survey of the course. On that day, what he told me about the education system was most intriguing. The basics, such as, no focus on reading until age 7, outdoor pre-schools. and the encouraged parental leave. Fast-forward now, 2 months, I walk into the class on education.
I was surprised with the parental leave system in place. In the US, I don't feel our jobs are as connected with the gov as they are in Scan. The fact that you receive a stipend from the gov is mind-blowing and a great way to relieve the financial burden of your leave on the business. I was confused about how long this stipend lasts and if the child receives stipends? Heard a few different things in class so clarification would be great.
Growing up in Ann Arbor, I think our education system is different then most of the country, additionally i went to a private school from k-8th grade. In that setting, we had 40 kids in a grade that were always divided into two classes. I can see similarities in this setting. We always had a long recess, classes outside and projects to complete outside. We would often walk/run in the surrounding bush and in the winter go sledding and have snow-ball fights. So it was encouraging for me to know that I was schooled in a slightly unique way compared to the rest of the US.
Don't you think college should be free in the US!? Hearing that they are in Scand just makes me laugh. By having free schooling, the incentive to go to school is soo much greater. It affords students who are financial oppressed to have a very equal opportunity for advanced education. If the US made schooling free or substantially cheaper, I believe it would change our country and potentially the world in incomprehensible ways.

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  1. Yes, college should be free or at least cheaper in the U.S.! I definitely agree that it would create a lot more opportunity for people who don't have the financial resources to go to college. A college education is necessary for many careers, and students without the funds to afford college would have a substantially wider range of career opportunites to explore their skills and interests if it was free.