Monday, September 26, 2011

Education and Nature in Swe/Fin

I found it very interesting how there is a connection between education and nature in Swedish and Finnish culture. It was refreshing to hear a uniquely different approach to education and early childhood development. To me, it makes complete sense that preschools and elementary schools should allow student more time to run around and enjoy the fresh air. Every single day is vital for the social growth and development of children, and the Finns and Swedes allow for this to be as organic and fun as possible. This, in turn, allows them to maximize classroom efficiency by placing a higher value on the teachers and curriculum than the United States does. It amazes me how Swedish and Finnish students spend less time in the classroom and take fewer standardized tests than American students, yet they far surpass the US in every benchmark in the education arena. I really hope that federal, state, and local educators and policymakers are paying attention to the successes seen in Scandinavia. 

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