Friday, September 9, 2011


Welcome to our class blog!

I hope this blog will be an interesting and easy way for everybody to share thoughts about Scandinavia during the semester. As your first post, I would like each of you to introduce yourself to the class. Please, start a new post for each person. Let us know your name, what you are studying and why you are taking this course. 

Label your post 'introduction' (in the square below).

I am looking forward to this semester with you,

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  1. Introduction:
    Hi everybody! I'm Cameryn Clark, but I usually just go by Cam. I am studying archaeology, and I plan on also getting a minor in Scandinavian Studies as well as Museum Studies. I am taking this course because I have an interest in Scandinavian history and culture, and I hope to someday do archaeological fieldwork in Scandinavia.