Monday, September 12, 2011

Introduction/Viking Video response

I posted this earlier, but it was in the wrong spot, sorry. So anyways...

I'm Cameryn Clark, but I usually just go by Cam. I am studying archaeology, and I plan on also getting a minor in Scandinavian Studies as well as Museum Studies. I am taking this course because I have an interest in Scandinavian history and culture, and I hope to someday do archaeological fieldwork in Scandinavia.

Also, in response to the video we watched on the Vikings, I was thinking of a paper I wrote last year when I was researching gender roles in the Icelandic Sagas. The conclusion I came to was that there were not clearly defined gender roles favoring one gender over the other, and women actually had a significant amount of power and importance. I based this on the fact that in Norse mythology, female figures held a lot of power and influence over humanity, and that in the sagas, they sort of controlled most situations, and were portratyed as wise and intelligent. Also, many archaeological sites back up the appearance of shield maidens in the sagas and oral traditions, so we know there were also some female warriors, and this was not frowned upon.

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