Thursday, September 22, 2011

Carl Linnaeus - Sam

I found Sarah's lecture and slide show on nature and Carl Linnaeus very interesting. He was a great ecologist, botanist and was very well respected, enough to be a face on their money. He got to travel all over Sweden and Finland and even some parts of Norway and write many books on his studies.

I really admire Scandinavia’s relationship with nature. Starting at a young age, the kids are forced to create a bond with nature and live outside for portions of the day. When I visited Sweden, I loved how we always had meals outside, went on hikes all over Öland, and basically did as much as we could outside. Also, whenever possible we would walk or bike to our destinations, not drive unnecessarily large vehicles. I had a type of culture shock when I returned home and saw the huge TV with too many channels and several computers in my house. Everything in Scandinavia seemed so much more natural, more desirable and I really enjoyed it and miss it.

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