Friday, September 23, 2011

Scandinavia - Education

The lecture on education was my favorite so far. From the very beginning of a Finnish child's life, the methods the Finns use seem to be superior to those typical in the United States.

The lower emphasis on tests seems really effective, and like I said in class, if children love learning, it's easy to teach them. I think fewer tests contibute to that.

Outdoor pre-schools are a fantastic idea; I've read a few studies and have personal experience about what it's like to grow up in the woods, play outside often, etc. and it really is a great place to learn and develop skills. In the U.S, there are many strange rules and customs (behaviors, things we take for granted), like all the prescription medication children are taking, and how rain keeps us indoors. In that regard, the Finns holistic approach to pre-K education is really refreshing.

As for free higher-education, if the majority of the people in Scandinavia don't mind the taxes, I see no problem with it. It also makes for a more selective application process within the Universities.

Good lecture ^-^ Very interesting overall.

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