Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Internships in Sweden

I think it was great to hear about the opportunities available to study/work abroad in class today. It sounds like our two visitors really had an enjoyable time, and also took a lot from their respective experiences. Many students feel that their classes sometimes lack a connection to the real world, however, it was clear that their knowledge of the Swedish language and Scandinavian culture was directly applied to their experiences abroad. It was nice to hear them joke around about the cultural differences, and what they enjoyed and what they found a bit unique or bizarre. As a sophomore, studying or working abroad is something that I am definitely considering, and it is good to know that both of our guest speakers had a great experience doing so.

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  1. I enjoyed their presentation as well because they kept it very personal and fun. I was most shocked by how they kept running to people they knew--it's a small world, but I guess Sweden is even smaller.