Sunday, September 25, 2011

BBC videos

After watching this video I was wondering and thinking how interesting it would be to implement a Finnish/Swedish school system for either a school or school district and follow that school for x number of years, in comparison to an American school. The question really is whether a scandinavian school system implemented in the U.S. would be effective because the cultures outside of school are so different. It would be interesting to see if the American students in a Scandinavian style school did better than in an American school. The school would have to be run by either Swedish or Finnish teachers, or teachers familiar with the school systems there for it to a successful project. I think that asking to implement a Finnish or Swedish type school system in all of the United States is asking for way too much, because facing the facts, the US is a lot bigger than Sweden or Finland. I do think that individual cities or states could reform on their own though, and run an effective school system, similar to the Swedish and Finnish school systems.

I really enjoyed watching this video, and wonder if a Swedish daycare would last in the US.

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  1. Mackenzie, I completely agree with you! I actually had a similar thought myself. I wonder how much attention Arne Duncan (current US Sec. of Ed) has been paying to the success of Finland and other countries while trying to restructure our education system.