Monday, September 19, 2011

Response to Norse Mythology - Mackenzie

I have to agree with what Chris said. I think we all appreciate that Maria Gull came in to class to present and talk to us, and she had some really interesting things to share. I really enjoyed having a guest speaker, and think that the format will prove interesting throughout the semester.
I also found some comparisons between Norse mythology and Greek mythology, and found some similarities and differences between the two. I am taking a class on Greek civilization right now, so it is interesting to see how they correspond. I would say that one major difference is the role of women in society. Where in Norse mythology women played an important role, and could even engage in combat, in Greek mythology, besides for the goddesses, women were viewed as weak. I also agree with Emily and Sam's responses, finding it interesting to learn that the women were treated so well in both the norse myths, but also in their society. Women were respected, able to fight, and the king and queen ruled jointly. I think that the vikings were progressive in the rights of the people in their society, and it is interesting to think that the women in their society had so many rights, when women all over the world today still don't have those rights.

I found the whole presentation interesting and enjoyed learning all about norse mythology and the vikings.

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