Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Viking Movie Response - Sam

I really enjoyed the video and found it very informative. I, like many people, believed the typical depiction of Vikings as brutal, savage-like warriors. Thankfully, this video cleared up the common misconceptions about the Vikings. I found it comforting to know that the misconceptions that I believed to be true about the Vikings wasn’t just me being ignorant, but in fact the monks who were raided by the Vikings were the ones who wrote such harsh things about them. I also now know that the Vikings were farmers, traders. I was completely unaware that they traveled to Ireland and eventually settled in some of the northern parts. I enjoyed the parts of the movie that discussed the Viking’s ability to carve and create molds to produce the intricate jewelry they showed. I knew that the Vikings had superior ship building techniques and I was really interested in those parts of the film. When I was in Sweden last summer I visited the Vasa Museum in Stockholm that housed one of the largest, around 70 meters in length, Viking ships that survived. Overall, I found the movie very interesting and enlightening.

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