Saturday, September 24, 2011


I was surprised on how different the education system in Scandinavia is from our own. I had read that the Scandinavian countries are leaders in education, so I should've guessed that they used different methods of teaching.

Tarja explained that teachers don't test their students. Instead, they evaluate the students themselves and grade them accordingly. That seems like a much better way of teaching, because a lot of students aren't good at test-taking and it it is more fair to grade students based on what they have done in the class as opposed to how well they can do on a test.

Another cool part Scandinavian education systems is their teaching of foreign languages. Soon after children start school, they are taught one foreign language, usually English. Then when they reach middle school, they learn another foreign language. As Tarja said, starting students with foreign language when they are young makes it easier for them to learn more languages throughout their lives.

After learning about the Scandinavian schools, it makes more sense that they are leaders in educaton.


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