Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I learned lots of cool things ... and then I cried

I loved the breadth of topics that the presentations covered! They gave me a much more in depth look on specific topics concerning the Scandinavian countries. I think that learning about the details gave me a better perspective on why these countries stand for what they do today.

I had no idea so many children were sent to Sweden alone during World War II. I had always heard of entire families escaping the war together (or at least sending children away to other family members or friends elsewhere.) I'm sure that many children experienced the same feeling of neglect and loss that Eero felt after his mother sent him away. I found it interesting that motherly love seemed to slowly transfer from Eero's biological mother to Signe. I'm sure that the first reunion between Eero and his biological mom will be awkward and possibly cold - but I'll probably cry anyway.

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