Monday, November 14, 2011

Reaction to Danish Week

Our speaker from Wednesday, Wenche, brought up some interesting and very real problems with our country. Undoubtedly, she gave us a lot to think about, and as I left class, I was considering the different aspects of said problems.

One huge and obvious difference between the United States and Scandinavian countries is the size. In most ways, our country is bigger, so helping 'the many' and instating solutions that will be all encompassing is more difficult than in a country with only several million people. Not everyone can agree, and not everyone is in a position where they will be affected by government legislation.

As college students, while we are not directly affected by many of the problems Wenche mentioned, I feel we are aware of them, and it can be very frustrating to think about when no solution is clear. There is no simple solution, and the only thing we can do is try (both collectively and individually) to fix these problems one at a time, by getting involved in our government, coming up with ideas, communicating with each other, taking a stand in our everyday lives, etc. etc. It's a process, one that will likely take many years.

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