Sunday, November 20, 2011

Icelandic Humor

101 Reykjavic had a special brand of humor; it was dark, understated, and reflective on Icelandic society.  I might be wrong, but I got the feeling that the whole situation with Lola and her baby was meant to be a hilarious irony as opposed to an uncomfortable dramatic plot line.  Overall, it appears that the Icelanders choose to find many of their daily issues humorous -- not a laugh out loud kind of funny, but certainly a dry kind of humor.

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  1. Describing the movie as having had a "special brand of humor" is a great way of putting it. There was a lot of irony in the film even concerning the details of single scenes. For instance, I remember thinking it was odd how the main character Hlynur was wearing tennis shoes with his suit to his son's/brother's baptism.

    I also found the conenction between guest speaker Agusta Gunnarsdottir's comment on Iceland's "all babies are welcome" mentality with the movies' focus on women wanted children very accurate.