Wednesday, November 23, 2011


For the majority of my life I knew Iceland as the habitable island next to Greenland.  I always found the irony of Iceland and Greenland to be a 'fun fact'.  That fact being that even though Greenland sounds warmer...its not.
Through this class and week, my eyes have been opened.  I knew that Iceland would be beautiful but had no idea that the center was uninhabited and all the cities surrounded the island on the coast.  The fact that one small island has beaches, mountains, plains, snow/ice, volcanoes and caves baffles me!  How cool!

The film 101 Reykjavik provided the perfect look at life in Iceland.  There are many similarities and lots of differences to here, but what we share is unique.  I liked how open there society is to, drugs, sexual orientation, class differences.  It, like Scandinavian, is a model of how the world can co-exist with many different types of people.   The film was also just generally hilarious!

Our guest speaker really reinforced the themes the movie laid out.  She did a great job connecting the winter lifestyle to the crazy partying, late nights, open sexual landscape, and drug use....while I would never want to go in the winter, Iceland is now a top summer destination for me.  The rafting, kayaking and general adventuring is too good to pass up!  

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