Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mifune Reaction

I found Mifune to be a very interesting film. However, not in the same way I might appreciate a more typical style movie. The Dogma-95 style film almost made me feel like I was intruding on the lives of these people. It was just so raw and seemed very honest. However the honesty was only so believable. The characters' stories were far fetched and seemed to be exaggerated. I don't believe that the marriage between Claire and Kresten would have ever happened. A relationship based on that many secrets simply does not seem possible. Additionally, why would Claire react the way she did and ask for divorce immediately? You would think that she would at least stick around to hear Kresten's story.

There also were a lot of parts of the story that were left unanswered. Like the prostitute friends that attacked Kresten - what really happened there?

Overall, I did not particularly like the film. The story did not seem to be complete. The Dogma-95 style film was an interesting concept, however, without developing the characters further it was a bit lost.

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