Tuesday, November 8, 2011

After Watching Mifune

I admired the movie very much. In many ways, Mifune is about family, and about how, no matter how hard one tries, it's ultimately impossible to hide - the truth, as they say, will find you out. There are times when Mifune's storyline stretches a little too far but, the strength of many of the film's individual moments makes up for it. This movie is built upon unique characters, evolved relationships, offbeat comedy, and great acting. There is also a lot of emotion.

Much of the film is on the farm and shows how each of the characters fulfills a need in the others. In the end, they come together as a unit. They come to terms with themselves and each other. And, despite Mifune being dramatic, it contains some bizarre comic relief. The prostitute is an amazing actress.


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