Wednesday, October 12, 2011

movie reaction

As I walked into the room, a few minutes late, I was greeted by the scene of the wretched girl (whose name I cannot recall) talking to Odin. The look on her face looked as if she had been possessed and my initial reaction was confusion about what exactly was going on. The one thing that was clear, however, was the fact that this woman is full of evil intentions. This idea was confirmed when the girl Karin was introduced. The scene where Karins mother helps her daughter get dressed allowed the viewer a recognize the contrast between the two girls. Karin is presented as this sweet, young, innocent young lady who is full of joy. Granted she is spoiled by her parents, she is overall, full of goodness. It becomes obvious that Karins parents devote much attention and love for their daughter, while for the stray girl, who is a part of the household, the compassion is lacking. It makes it obvious now, that the stray girl is full of hatred for Karin. This sets the field for what happens next as the girls are set out to town to deliver candles to their church. The events that follow become pretty graphic, when in short, the evil girl abandons Karins presence and sets a couple of woodsmen to brutally rape and kill Karin. The degrees of extreme that the movie quickly jumped to caught me ax a surprise but I am excited to see how Karins father Is going to deal with the men who killed his daughter now that they are spending the night at their farm!

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