Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Better Understanding of Scandinavia

Over the past three classes of presentations, I feel that I am starting to get a clearer picture of Scandinavian civilization and the important aspects of each country. There were a few central themes of the presentations: innovation, health and wellness, and a high regard for culture. All three categories were covered in the presentations of our five countries, and again in the individual presentations of the last three weeks. Concerning innovation, the Scandinavian countries are not only pioneers in various industries, but they are now applying the ingenuity to solving the global climate crisis. For health and wellness, there seems to be value for healthy development through the lifespan of Scandinavian citizens. Scandinavians are lifelong learners, and they value a healthy and happy population so that everyone thrives, not just the people with the most money. Finally, culture is important to any country or region of the world, but Scandinavians seem to keep culture as a higher priority than some other countries. Whether it is theater, literature, music, sports, or art, Scandinavians keep their history and culture at the forefront of their lives.

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